Healing Children of Conflict heals families and communities by facilitating medical treatment for children seriously wounded in conflicts involving the United States, and thereby educates others about the root causes of those conflicts. By taking responsibility for healing children with traumatic injuries from war arsenal we seek to spread healing and reconciliation between one community, the war zone, to another—Grand Rapids and West Michigan.

Therefore our primary task is to heal children so severely wounded treatment at home is next to impossible. However, this medical help comes with a twist: By treating the innocent victims of our nation’s weaponry we seek to make restitution for damage in which we, as taxpaying citizens and residents, share responsibility.

At the same time, it is also clear that after a decade of continuing overseas wars and ongoing news of wounds and death, we at home are also in need of healing. Giving back by treating children also renews community here in the US, in our own neighborhoods and towns. Strikingly, Healing Children of Conflict has drawn a hugely diverse group of partners. To see such a “rainbow” gather over this common cause is witness to this healing process.

Our geographic scope is threefold. The incidence of war-wounded children in Iraq itself and in Iraqi refugee communities of Amman and Damascus is extremely serious. Thus we are cooperating with No More Victims to intensify focus on this region. Next, our work is also spurred by the child victims of the January 2009 war in Gaza. Finally, the escalating conflict in Afghanistan has left thousands of seriously hurt kids in need of medical care.

Our mission has three main parts. First, Healing Children of Conflict brings children to West Michigan for medical treatment. Second, we facilitate cases where care can be provided closer to Gaza, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Finally, we advocate for these children more generally, raising awareness and hope that helps strengthen our own community and creates new networks for social justice.

Healing Children of Conflict is a project of the Arab American Association of West Michigan, a registered Michigan nonprofit corporation (501c3 status pending). Volunteer led and driven, a diverse group of partner organizations and individuals provides oversight for our charitable mission via a steering committee. We look forward to hearing from you!


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