Resources on Iraq

hamzahreturn1As part of our mission, Healing Children of Conflict advocates for these children more generally, raising awareness and hope that helps strengthen our own community and creates new networks for social justice. Below you will find a collection of resources:


HCC Handout on Iraq


Dahr Jamail’s Blog:

Cost of War Iraq:

Middle East Research and Information Project:

Iraq: The War Card:

Iraq Veterans Against the War:

Sanctions Against Iraq:

Congenital Birth Defects in Iraq:

National Security Archive:

US War Crimes in Iraq:


War Without End: The Iraq War in Context, by Michael Schwartz

The Freedom: Shadows And Hallucinations in Occupied Iraq, by Michael Parenti

In the Name of Democracy: American War Crimes in Iraq and Beyond, by Jeremy Brecher

Ending the Iraq War: A Primer, by Phyllis Bennis

Muqtada Al-Sadr and the Battle for the Future of Iraq, by Patrick Cockburn

The Best War Ever: Lies, Damned Lies, and the Mess in Iraq, by Sheldon Rampton

Iraq Under Seige: The Deadly Impact of Sanctions and War, edited by Anthony Arnove

Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal, by Anthony Arnove


My Country, My Country

Iraq for Sale

Control Room

Independent Media in a Time of War

Meeting Resistance

Shocking and Awful

Buying the War